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The Reagan Show
Archived: The Reagan Show (2017)

director: Pacho Velez, Sierra Pettengill

composer: Laura Karpman
With: Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, a.o.

duration: 74 minutes
Biography, Documentary

Official Selection - Global Cinema
Film Fest Gent - The Reagan Show

"This docu - a terrifically entertaining and unnerving take on a presidency - does something that counts as a radical act these days: it looks back at history by letting historical footage speak for itself, without any talking heads to tell us what to think. By doing so, it stays both sober and light on its feet." (Vox)

UGent Morning Sessions
On Friday 20 October, the 9:30 screening of 'The Reagan Show' consists of a short introduction, the screening of the film itself and a discussion afterwards with Sarah Van Leuven, professor at Ghent University.
Click here for an overview of all UGent Morning Sessions during Film Fest Gent.


director: Pacho Velez, Sierra Pettengill
composer: Laura Karpman
producer: Sierra Pettengill
screenplay: Josh Alexander, Francisco Bello & Pacho Velez
Editor: David Barker, Francisco Bello & Daniel Garber

production company: Gravitas Ventures

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dialogue: English
subtitles: no subt
country: United States of America
year: 2017

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PACHO VELEZ: Occupation (2002), Orphans of Mathare (2003), Bastards of Utopia (2010), Manakamana (2013), Dragstrip (2015, short), The Reagan Show (2017).

SIERRA PETTENGILL: Town Hall (2013), New Year Part 1 (2014, short), The Reagan Show (2017).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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