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The Old Man & the Gun
Archived: The Old Man & the Gun (2018)

director: David Lowery

composer: Daniel Hart
With: Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Casey Affleck, a.o.

duration: 93 minutes
Crime, Drama

Gala Premières and special events
Film Fest Gent - The Old Man & the Gun

"Having first been put away at age 15, Forrest (Redford) has spent much of his life in jail and much of his energy breaking out - he successfully escaped incarceration 18 times. Forrest is now in his seventies, free, and living in a retirement community, yet he cannot resist the lure of another bank heist. He assembles a gang who, though armed, rely mainly on creativity and charisma to claim their loot. They are pursued by Detective John Hunt (Casey Affleck), whose official duty is galvanized by the purity of his love for the chase. With Redford subtly invoking his own storied resumé as the embodiment of a certain masculine ideal, and a sublime supporting cast that includes Danny Glover, Tom Waits, and Elisabeth Moss, 'The Old Man & The Gun' is both entertaining and elegiac." (TIFF)


director: David Lowery
composer: Daniel Hart
producer: Robert Redford, Bill Holderman, Toby Halbrooks
screenplay: David Lowery
Editor: Lisa Zeno Churgin
Cinematography: Joe Anderson
sound: Johnny Marshall

production company: Condé Nast

More info

dialogue: English
subtitles: Dutch/Fr subt.
Country: United States of America
year: 2018


DAVID LOWERY: Lullaby (2000), Still (2003, short), Deadroom (2005), Some Analog Lines (2006, short), The Outlaw Son (2007, short), A Catalogue of Anticipations (2008, short), Boycrazy Promo (2009, short), Boycrazy in Bed (2009, short), Boycrazy Gets a Job (2009, short), Boycrazy Bikini Mishap (2009, short), Boycrazy at the Drug Store (2009, short), St. Nick (2009), Pioneer (2011, short), Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013), Until We Could (2014, short), Pete's Dragon (2016), A Ghost Story (2017), The Man & the Gun (2018).

Technical Specs

format: DCP

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