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The Major
Archived: The Major - Mayor (2013)

director: Yuri Bykov

composer: Yuri Bykov
With: Denis Shvedov, Irina Nizina, Ilya Isaev, Yuri Bykov, a.o.

duration: 99 minutes
Drama, Crime

Sergey Sobolev, police officer, is driving to the hospital where his wife is about to give birth to their child. High from happiness, he's driving too fast and when he sees a boy on a passage walk, it's too late. The boy died, and now the major has only two options: go to prison or conceal his crime and stay free.


director: Yuri Bykov
composer: Yuri Bykov
producer: Aleksey Uchitel
screenplay: Yuri Bykov
Editor: Yuri Bykov
Cinematography: Kiri Klepalov

production company: 1.2. Company

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subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Russia
year: 2013


YURI BYKOV (1981): Live! (2010), The Major (2013)

Technical Specs

sound: Stereo 5.1
format: DCP
FPS: 25
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