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The Green Fog
Archived: The Green Fog (2017)

director: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson

composer: Jacob Garchik

duration: 63 minutes
Avant-Garde / Experimental

Official Selection - Global Cinema
Film Fest Gent - The Green Fog

"Created by filmmaker/cultural iconoclast Guy Maddin with co-directors Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson 'The Green Fog' pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's spellbinding 'Vertigo'. Inventive and invigorating, this "San Francisco Fantasia" is lauded by the New York Times as "a marvel of film scholarship". It's also a lot of fun. Maddin, working with his 'Forbidden Room' collaborators, set himself the challenge to remake 'Vertigo' without using footage from the Hitchcock classic, creating a "parallel-universe version", in his words. Using Bay Area footage from a variety of sources-studio classics, 50s noir, experimental films, and 70s prime-time TV-and employing Maddin's mastery of assemblage, the result exerts the inexorable pull of Hitchcock's tale of erotic obsession while paying tribute to the city of San Francisco." (Balcony Film)

"Guy Maddin's latest work 'The Green Fog' is a dazzling, studious exercise in found footage excavation and reconfiguration, laced with tongue-in-cheek. It's a love letter to Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' and the city of San Francisco and perhaps also to Rock Hudson. And Chuck Norris." (Screen Daily)


director: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson
composer: Jacob Garchik
Editor: Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson

production company: Extra Large Productions

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dialogue: English
subtitles: no subt
country: United States of America - Canada
year: 2017


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Technical Specs

format: DCP


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