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Film Fest Gent - The Chimera of M.
Archived: The Chimera of M. (2013)

director: Sebastian Buerkner

With: James French, Martina Schmücker, Micheal Grime, a.o.

duration: 25 minutes
Animated film, Short

Shorts – EFA-nominated European Shorts

Entering the already unfamiliar virtual space of a stereoscopic digital animation, viewers find themselves behind the eyes of an unseen and distinctly unreliable protagonist, so evasive that he and his motives can hardly be identified. Arriving by train at a town where he had once lived, he moves through the old haunts seemingly attempting to re-engage with two abandoned relationships, one with a man, one with a woman, yet frequently appearing simply to become more engaged with quotidian objects made hallucinatory by close scrutiny. The very fractured and expressive manifestation of the three-dimensional space in this stereoscopic film, combined with the protagonist's point of view, puts the viewers inside these contorted relationships. The pounding and intimate interactions of the characters have to be endured, by being pushed through each situation locked into the identity of someone who refuses to participate or maybe even to be.


director: Sebastian Buerkner
producer: Sebastian Buerkner
screenplay: Sebastian Buerkner & John Moseley
Editor: Sebastian Buerkner
sound: Gernot Fuhrmann

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Country: United Kingdom
year: 2013


SEBASTIAN BUERKNER: Purple Grey (2006, Short), The Chimera of M (2014, Short)

Sebastian Buerkner (born 1975 in Berlin, Germany) lives and works in London. He completed an MA at Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2002 and was awarded their Fellowship Residency 2003. From 2004 his art practice has shifted exclusively to animation. Recent solo shows include Kunsthaus im KunstkulturQuartier Nuremberg, Germany; Tramway, Glasgow; Sketch, London; The Showroon Gallery, London; Whitechapel… Show more

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format: Blu Ray
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