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Film Fest Gent - Teder
Archived: Teder (2014)

director: Jonas Vandermeersch

With: Brecht De Groot, Jolien De Ridder, Ayoub El Azzaoui, a.o.

duration: 17 minutes
Belgian Cinema Today , Youth / Coming-Of-Age, Mystery

Shorts - Competition for Belgian student Shorts

When Benjamin, a 16 year old boy, finds the body of a naked woman in the woods around his neighborhood he decides to keep this is a secret, especially to his girlfriend Myrthe and his best friend Ben. Tender is a story about the confrontation of a young boy with his sexuality and the fragility of this exploration.


director: Jonas Vandermeersch
screenplay: Jonas Vandermeersch
Cinematography: Jonathan Wannyn

production company: LUCA School of Arts

More info

dialogue: Dutch
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Belgium
year: 2014


JONAS VANDERMEERSCH: Bergop (short, 2012), Atlantis (short, 2013), Teder (short, 2014)

Technical Specs

sound: Optical Stereo Dolby
format: DCP
FPS: 24
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