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Film Fest Gent - Les États nordiques
Archived: Les États nordiques - États nordiques, les (2005)

director: Denis Côté

With: Christian LeBlanc, les gens de la localité de Radisson


A powerful study of alienation and isolation, Cote’s feature debut was shot on a shoestring budget. In the film’s opening sequence, Christian watches a bloody wrestling match along with a raucous but unheard crowd, which he seems completely divorced from. Travelling to the hospital where his comatose mother is strapped to a life support system, Christian takes matters into his own hands and then flees Montréal for Radisson, a small town 1500 miles away. There he slowly, tentatively begins to construct a new life for himself. Beautifully composed with minimal dialogue and a daring soundscape. LES ETATS is a remarkably assured debut


director: Denis Côté

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country: Canada
year: 2005


Denis Côté (1973): Drifting States (2005), Our Private Lives (2007), All That She Wants (2008), Carcasses (2009), Les lignes ennemies (2010, short), Curling (2010), Sans titre (2011, short), Bestiaire (2012), Vic + Flo Saw a Bear (2013), Joy of Man's Desiring (2014), Aqui, em Lisboa: Episódios da Vida da Cidade (2015), Boris Without Béatrice (2016), Ta peau si lisse (2017).

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