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Film Fest Gent - Talk: Serial Day
Archived: Talk: Serial Day

duration: 420 minutes

10:00 -13:00 Screening Pilot episode 'Beau Séjour', 'Ennemi Public', 'La Trêve'.

14:00 - 15:30 Panel: Belgian Noir discussion with screenwriters Bert Van Dael & Sanne Nuyens ('Beau S.jour'), Matthieu Frances & Christopher Yates ('Ennemi Public'), Benjamin d'Aoust (co-writer) & St.phane Bergmans ('La Trêve') Moderator: Michel Sabbe (Scenaristengilde).

15:30 - 17:00 A Masterclass: Tv-shows with no expiration date by Tatjana Andersson What are the necessary ingredients in a successful long-running series - the kind that does not seem to have an expiration date?


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