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Film Fest Gent - Talk: Jonathan Safran Foer -
Archived: Talk: Jonathan Safran Foer - "Hier ben ik"

Thursday 13/10 - 8pm

Here I am' is the long-awaited new novel of American literature's prodigy, Jonathan Safran Foer. It is his first novel since 2005, after bestsellers like 'Everything is illuminated', 'Extremely loud and incredibly close' - now also a motion picture - and 'Eating Animals', a non-fiction book.

'Here I am' describes three tumultuous weeks in the life of a family that is falling apart. While Jacob, Julia and their three sons are dealing with a hopeless situation, a catastrophic earthquake sets a pan-Arab invasion of Israel in motion. This sprouts a reflection about the true meaning of the concept of 'home'.

'Here I am' is a monumental book, written with the same intensity, inventiveness and urgency found in his previous books. In his typical hilarious style, Foer once again slaughters a few sacred cows. 


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