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Film Fest Gent - Talk: Dr. Film: or how I learned to love the photon
Archived: Talk: Dr. Film: or how I learned to love the photon

With: Karel Van Acoleyen & Peter De Maegd

duration: 70 minutes
Historical, Documentary

Physicist Karel Van Acoleyen and film producer Peter De Maegd bring the magic of film and science together in a reading, which follows the trajectory of the photon: the elementary particle of light that enables the magic of cinema to exist.

Dr. Film: or how I learned to love the photon is an accessible introduction to cinema and science. The reading highlights different milestones in the development of science and technology - from optics to quantum mechanics. These highlights will be considered from an angle that focusses on film. These are the insights that eventually allow a film-maker to bring his fictional universe to the silver screen. The story of the interplay between science and film is brought to you with fascinating anecdotes and strong characters in a lead role - people like Newton, Einstein, but also Plateau and Lumière. Unique excerpts from Belgian cinema further illustrate the story.

How does the image on the film set come about in the camera and how does the film-maker play with this process? How does one capture images and store them? What is colour and how is the colour palette used? What is the impact of digitalisation and what is the difference between a digital film and a 35mm film? How do our eyes take in all of this? Light is indeed the common thread that links all these questions. To find the answers, we will need to dig deep - down to the tiniest detail: the photon.

Karel and Peter share a passion for science and film, each with their own expertise and experience within these domains. They each bring their unique perspective to the table and manage to weave a refreshing, accessible story from the threads of science and cinema.

Dr. Film: or how I learned to love the photon premieres at Film Fest Gent on WEDNESDAY 19 OCTOBER at 18:00.

In cooperation with Ghent University, ACE Image Factory + The Fridge.


Karel Van Acoleyen is a theoretical physicist with a passion for bringing science to the general public. He explains Einstein's theory of relativity with film clips, for example. He has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Durham University (UK) and Cambridge University (UK). He currently works at the University of Ghent, where he lectures.

Producer Peter De Maegd has worked with top-notch talent as Jonas Govaerts (Welp), Hans Herbots (The Spiral) and Pieter Van Hees (Linkeroever, Dirty Mind). His production house Potemkino has a strong international reputation thanks to ambitious and innovative projects such as sci-fi film Iron Sky - The Coming Race and Emmy-nominated series The Spiral. He has also worked with prestigious film-makers such as Peter Greenaway, Bille August and Terence Davies and actors such as Hillary Swank, Helena Bonham Carter, Ron Perlman and Cynthia Nixon.

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