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Film Fest Gent - Suspiria (live concert)
Archived: Suspiria (live concert) (1977)

director: Dario Argento

composer: Dario Argento, Goblin
With: Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci, Miguel Bosé, Barbara Magnolfi, Udo Kier, a.o.

duration: 98 minutes
Fear Fest , Fantasy, Mystery

Film Fest Gent in Vooruit
Film Fest Gent - Suspiria (live concert)

Horror classic from cult director Dario Argento. From the moment Suzy arrives at a dance school in Germany, she feels that something dark and evil is lurking. Soon after, gruesome events occur... The Observer wrote: "From stormy start to fiery finish, it's a stylish, compelling, phantasmagoric movie". Concert on Saterday 18 October (7.30pm) - Theatre Room Vooruit
Followed by: DJ set at the bar

Dario Argento's baroque and surreal horror classic "Suspiria" from 1977 is one of the highlights of his oeuvre and of the horror genre in general. A stylized exercise in dream logic with some absurd and gruesome set pieces that once seen can never be forgotten. One of the key components of the success of Suspiria was the soundtrack of Italian prog-rock band Goblin, who previously wrote the soundtracks for Argento classic 'Profondo Rosso' and George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead '.

Suspiria is without doubt the most timeless of all their soundtracks; sinister interludes to intense 'over the top' prog eruptions.' Goblin wrote the soundtrack before the film went into production and Argento made the film and the music one organic whole.

Goblin chief and keyboardist Claudio Simonetti created a new version of Goblin and will perform the soundtrack live at the film screening of "Suspiria" in the Theatre room of the Vooruit.

After the screening in the bar, there will be a DJ set by Spencer Hickman, better known as the man behind the soundtrack reissue of the label Death Waltz, responsible for the re-release of the iconic horror soundtracks from John Carpenter, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and William Lustig.


director: Dario Argento
composer: Dario Argento, Goblin
producer: Claudio Argento
screenplay: Dario Argento & Daria Nicolodi
Editor: Franco Fraticelli
Cinematography: Luciano Tovoli
sound: Federico Savina

production company: Seda Spettacoli

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dialogue: Italian, Russian, English, German, Latin
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Italy
year: 1977


DARIO ARGENTO (1940): L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo (1970), The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971), 4 mosche di velluto grigio (1971), Le cinque giornate (1973), La porta sul buio (1973, TV Series, director of 3 episodes), Deep Red (1975), Suspiria (1977), Inferno (1980), Tenebre (1982), Phenomena (1985), Opera (1987), Two Evil Eyes (1990), The King of Ads (1993), Trauma (1993), La sindrome di Stendhal (1996), The Phantom of the Opera (1998), Sleepless (2001), The Card Player (2004), Masters of Horror (2005-2006, TV Series, director of 2 episodes), Mother of Tears (2007), Giallo (2009), Dracula 3D (2012), The Sandman (2015)

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format: SPECIAL
frame: 1:2,35

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