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Film Fest Gent - Still Moving
Archived: Still Moving


Each day from Tuesday 11 till Friday 21 October 2016 - 7pm till 10.30pm

Art Cinema OFFoff is a Ghent based cinema organisation for experimental film. As part of the 43th edition of Film Fest Gent, Art Cinema OFFoff is organising an exposition about the so-called 'mundane' dia film. All work is created on 35 mm dia film.

With works by:
Josef Dabernich
Petržalka AT, 1991, 3', black-white, 35mm-dia

Floris Vanhoof
Fossil Locomotion   BE, 2016, 4 x 35mm-dia

Basim Magdy
A 240 second analysis of failure and hopefullness (with coke, vinegar and orther tear gas remedies)   EG, 2012, 4', kleur, dia

Tamar Guimarães
A Man called Love   BR, 2007, 20', black-white, dia

Dennis Oppenheim
Stewing Around    VS, 1972, 7', Color, dia

Alexandra Navratil
Sample Frames  CH, 2011-2012, 4 x synchrnoized 35mm-dia

In co-operation with UGent.
In UGent Technicum Blok 2
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Gent.

Each day from Tuesday 11 till Friday 21 October 2016

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