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Archived: Sextape - À genoux les gars (2018)

director: Antoine Desrosières

With: Souad Arsane, Inas Chanti, Sidi Mejai, a.o.

duration: 98 minutes

Official Selection - Global Cinema

"This radical comedy, which focuses a magnifying lens on the very current topic of manipulation and male oppression in the field of sexuality and in the era of social networks, won't leave anyone feeling indifferent. Often funny, it's also an astute portrait of current French working-class youth" (Cineuropa) 

"The currency of modern French relationships still rises and falls on who holds the most power. But in 2018, the mathematical possibilities among two mutually adoring sisters and their respective boyfriends are steered in large part by that ubiquitous device, the smartphone. In fact, the phones are smarter than the guys in 'Sextape', a joyously irreverent and inventive romp jet-fuelled by dynamite performances co-written by the film's fearlessly self-affirming young actresses about the congenitally sexist males in their orbit." (Screen Daily)


director: Antoine Desrosières
producer: Annabelle Bouzom
screenplay: Antoine Desrosières, Anne-Sophie Nanki
Editor: Nicolas Le Du
Cinematography: Georges Lechaptois

production company: Les Films de l'autre Cougar

More info

dialogue: French
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: France
year: 2018


ANTOINE DESROSIÈRES: Scènes sur Seine (1985, short), Made in Belgique (1986, short), L'hydrolution (1989, short), À la belle étoile (1993), Maurel et Mardy mendient (1999, short), Banqueroute (2000), Un bon bain chaud (2012), Haramiste (2014, short), Sextape (2018).

Technical Specs

format: DCP
frame: 1:1,78


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