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Archived: Servants - Služobníci (2020)

director: Ivan Ostrochovsky

composer: Miroslav Tóth, Cristian Lolea
With: Vlad Ivanov, Samuel Skyva, Sumuel Polakovic, a.o.

duration: 80 minutes
Crime, Film-Noir

Official Selection - In Competition
Film Fest Gent - Servants

1980. Michal and Juraj are students at a theological seminary in totalitarian Czechoslovakia. Fearing the dissolution of their school, the tutors are molding the seminars into a shape satisfactory to the ruling Communist Party. Each of the young students must decide: collaborating with the regime or subject themselves to draconian surveillance by the secret police.

"Slovak filmmaker Ivan Ostrochovský has crafted an uncompromising piece of arthouse cinema with thriller elements." - Cineuropa

"A brilliantly crafted, atmospherically enveloping seminary drama. Form and feeling are at odds throughout this steadily transfixing tale of young seminarians standing up to the Communist Party's infiltration of their school (...) You emerge from it out of time and out of breath." - Variety


director: Ivan Ostrochovsky
composer: Miroslav Tóth, Cristian Lolea
producer: Ivan Ostrochovsky, Albert Malinovsky, Katarína Tomková
screenplay: Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Marek Lescák, Ivan Ostrochovský
Editor: Jan Danhel, Martin Malo, Maros Slapeta
Cinematography: Juraj Chlpik
sound: Michal Novinski

production company: Punkchart films

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dialogue: Slovak
subtitles: Dutch/Eng subt.
Country: Slovak Republic - Romania - Czech Republic - Ireland
year: 2020


IVAN OSTROCHOVSKY: Velvet Terrorists (2013), Goat (2015), Garda, Servants (2020).

Technical Specs

sound: Stereo 5.1
format: DCP
frame: 4/3


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