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Film Fest Gent - Seraphita's diary
Archived: Seraphita's diary - Seraphita's diary (1982)

director: Frederick Wiseman

With: Apollonia van Ravenstein, Rory Bernal, Eric Boer

Film Fest Gent - Seraphita's diary

The story of a famous fashion model who, unable to cope with the fantasies and pressures her beauty induces in others, disappears. The film is a profile of her emotional life and contrasts the fantasies she creates in other people's minds with the strains of her real emotional life as revealed in her diaries.


director: Frederick Wiseman
producer: Frederick Wiseman

production company: Zipporah Films

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country: USA
year: 1982


FREDERICK WISEMAN (1930): Titicut Follies (1967), High School (1968), Basic Training (1971), I Miss Sonia Henie (1971, short), Essene (1972), Juvenile Court (1973), Primate (1974), Welfare (1975), Meat (1976), Canal Zone (1977), Sinai Field Mission (1978), Manoeuvre (1979), Model (1980), Seraphita's Diary (1982), The Store (1983), Racetrack (1985), Multi-Handicapped (1986), Deaf (1986), Adjustment and Work (1986), Blind (1987), Missile (1988), Near Death (1989), Central Park (1990), Aspen (1991), Zoo (1993), High School II (1994), Ballet… Show more

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