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Film Fest Gent - Rosie
Archived: Rosie - Rosie (1998)

director: Patrice Toye

composer: John Parish
With: Aranka Coppens, Dirk Roofthooft en Joost Wijnant

Film Fest Gent - Rosie

In a juvenile lockup, a new ward answers questions: she's Rosie, 13, no parents, a sister Irene, a brother Michel. In flashbacks we find out what happened. She lives with Irene, who's 27, whom Rosie knows is in fact her mother, but that's their secret. Irene's brother Michel, unemployed, a compulsive gambler, comes to stay with them. Around then, Irene meets Bernard; they come to care for each other. This leaves Rosie without attention, so she puts all her adolescent hopes and romantic fantasies into a relationship with Jimi, a good looking kid she sees on a bus. Is it adventures with Jimi that land her in juvie? Once she's there, why doesn't he answer her letters?


director: Patrice Toye
composer: John Parish
producer: Antonino Lombardo
screenplay: Patrice Toye
Editor: Ludo Troch
Cinematography: Richard Van Oosterhout

production company: Prime Time

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Country: Belgium
year: 1998

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