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Rohmer in Paris
Archived: Rohmer in Paris (2013)

director: Richard Misek

composer: Tatsujiro Oto

duration: 67 minutes
Docs , Documentary, Historical

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A love letter to Eric Rohmer, the world capital of cinema, and the joy of simply letting yourself be seduced by film. The film begins with its narrator recounting that almost twenty years ago he accidentally appeared in a film by the French auteur Eric Rohmer, after walking in front of the camera while Rohmer was out in the streets shooting 'Rendezvous in Paris' (1995). The story of this chance encounter becomes the basis for Misek's heartfelt appreciation of Rohmer's modest and philosophical portrayals of life in and around the French capital. 'Rohmer in Paris' is a cinematic essay, which is composed entirely of extracts from Rohmer's (and a few other Parisian directors') films, accompanied by Misek's passionate and insightful reflections on the motifs and patterns that only reveal themselves after repeated viewing: the exchange of looks, the circular connections and the films' shared topography - with a liberatingly self-ironic awareness of how fine the line can be between passion and obsession! But one learns something and, not least, is inspired to (re)view Rohmer's films, by following Misek's psycho-geographic charting of Paris with the French master's life opus as a compass. If you have any idea what this all means, then this is definitely a film for you. And if you otherwise just love films, the French New Wave or quite simply Paris, then you should also allow yourself to enjoy 'Rohmer in Paris' on the big screen.


director: Richard Misek
composer: Tatsujiro Oto
producer: Richard Misek
screenplay: Richard Misek
Editor: Richard Misek
sound: Tatsujiro Oto

production company: University of Kent

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dialogue: English, French
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: United Kingdom - France
year: 2013


RICHARD MISEK: Rohmer in Paris (2013)

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format: MOV-file
frame: 16/9
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