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Film Fest Gent - Roepen in Stilte
Archived: Roepen in Stilte - Screaming in Silence (2018)

director: Marof Hakimi

With: Sheri Hakimi, Fataneh Hakimi, Farzana Hakimi, a.o.

duration: 11 minutes

Shorts - Global Cinema

This film recounts some fragments of stories from the life of an Afghan family in Iran, and the hardships they undergo which ultimately force them to flee to Europe.

Biography of Director: Marof Hakimi (Afghanistan, 1979). He was born in Afghanistan but moved with his parents to Iran at a young age. He lived 20 years with his family in Iran but life was very hard as Afghans. They decided to flee to Belgium in 2016. Now, he is living with his family in Belgium and preparing to apply for film school.


director: Marof Hakimi
producer: Gwendolyn Lootens, Gawan Fagard
screenplay: Sheri Hakimi, Fataneh Hakimi, Farzana Hakimi, Vakil Hakimi, Makya Hakimi
Editor: Charles Godin
Cinematography: Victoire Bonin, Mojtaba Bahadori
sound: Alejandro Rivas-Cottle

production company: Cinemaximiliaan

More info

dialogue: Farsi
subtitles: subt.Fr/Eng
Country: Belgium
year: 2018


MAROF HAKIMI (1979): Roepen in Stilte (2018, short).

Technical Specs

format: DCP
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