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Film Fest Gent - Red Psalm
Archived: Red Psalm - Még kér a nép (1972)

director: Miklós Jancsó

composer: Tamás Cseh
With: Andrea Drahota, Gyöngyi Bürös, a.o.

duration: 87 minutes
Drama, War


"Set near the end of the 19th century, when a group of peasants have demanded basic rights from a landowner and soldiers arrive on horseback to quell the uprising, 'Red Psalm' is composed of only 26 shots. With a running time of 87 minutes, this adds up to an average of three minutes per shot (Jancsó's earlier feature from 1969, 'Winter Wind', is said to consist of only 12 shots). Each long take is an intricate choreography of panning camera, landscape, and clustered bodies that constantly traverse, join, and/or divide the separate groups." (Jonathan Rosenbaum)

"The final massacre, while free of the taint of fashionable realistic violence, is one of the great tragic images of the cinema. Jancsó's films are wise to resort to metaphor. They are subversive to every system, a cry for freedom." (Observer) 


director: Miklós Jancsó
composer: Tamás Cseh
screenplay: Gyula Hernádi
Editor: Zoltán Farkas
Cinematography: János Kende

production company: MAFILM IV. Játékfilmstúdió

More info

dialogue: Hungarian
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Hungary
year: 1972


MIKLÓS JANCSÓ (1921-2014): We Took Over the Cause of Peace (1950, short), A szovjet mezögazdasági küldöttek tanításai (1951, short), A 8. szabad május 1 (1952, short), Ordinary Ways (1953, short), Arat az orosházi 'Dózsa' (1953, short), The Health-giving Waters of Tisza (1954, short), Portraits of an Exhibition (1954, short), Ösz Badacsonyban (1954, short), Galga mentén (1954, short), Emberek! Ne engedjétek! (1954, short), Young People, Remember (1955, short), Varsói világifjúsági talákozó I-III (1955, short), The Youth… Show more

Technical Specs

format: DCP
frame: 1:1,37

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