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Archived: Reality - Réalité (2014)

director: Quentin Dupieux

composer: Quentin Dupieux
With: Alain Chabat, Jonathan Lambert, Elodie Bouchez, Kyla Kenedy, Eric Wareheim, Jon Glover, a.o.

duration: 87 minutes
Explore Zone , On the Edge , Comedy, Satire

Official Selection - In Competition

The story of three people: a young girl who finds a mysterious VHS, a failed filmmaker shooting his first horror movie, and a culinary TV host who loses his self-confidence because of an imaginary disease. Quentin Dupieux, a cult hero for many due to his arthouse style, has always stated : "I make my movies to make people laugh". The film was screened at Venice Film Festival.


director: Quentin Dupieux
composer: Quentin Dupieux
producer: Gregory Bernard
screenplay: Quentin Dupieux
Editor: Quentin Dupieux
Cinematography: Quentin Dupieux
sound: Robert Stambler

production company: Realitism Films

More info

dialogue: English, French
subtitles: Dutch/Fr subt.
Country: United States of America - France - Belgium
year: 2014


QUENTIN DUPIEUX: Nonfilm (2012), Steak (2007), Rubber (2010), Wrong Cops: Chapter 1 (short, 2012), Wrong (2012), Wrong Cops (2013), Reality (2014)

Technical Specs

format: DCP

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