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Film Fest Gent - Problemski Hotel
Archived: Problemski Hotel (2015)

director: Manu Riche

With: Hayder Helo, Lydia Indjova, Gökhan Girginol, Evgenia Brendes, Marijke Pinoy, a.o.

duration: 110 minutes
Fort Europe , Belgian Cinema Today , Drama, Comedy

Gala Premières and special events
Film Fest Gent - Problemski Hotel

Inspired by the novel by Dimitri Verhulst, 'Problemski Hotel' reveals the changes that occur in the lives of several people born in areas affected by war or armed conflict. The characters find themselves ejected from their daily lives and propelled into the Kafkaesque absurdity of the refugees no-man's-land.


director: Manu Riche
producer: Emmy Oost
screenplay: Steve Hawes & Manu Riche based on the book 'Problemski Hotel' by Dimitri Verhulst
Editor: Michèle Hubinon
Cinematography: Renaat Lambeets
sound: Ranko Paukovic

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dialogue: English, Russian, Arabic
subtitles: Dutch/Fr subt.
Country: Belgium
year: 2015


MANU RICHE (1964): Baudouin I (2001), Tempo of a Restless Soul (2009), Can a Man Change the City (2010), Snake Dance (2012), Problemski Hotel (2015).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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