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Portrait of Jason
Archived: Portrait of Jason (1967)

director: Shirley Clarke

With: Shirley Clarke (Interviewer - voice), Jason Holliday (Himself), Carl Lee (Interviewer - voice), a.o.

duration: 105 minutes
Gay Scene , Documentary, LGBTQ


Interview with Jason Holliday aka Aaron Payne, house boy, would be cabaret performer, and self proclaimed hustler giving one man's gin-soaked pill-popped, view of what it was like to be coloured and gay in 1960's America.


director: Shirley Clarke
producer: Shirley Clarke
Editor: Shirley Clarke
Cinematography: Jeri Sopanen
sound: Francis Daniel

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subtitles: Fr subt.
Country: United States of America
year: 1967


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format: DCP
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