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Film Fest Gent - Performance: The House
Archived: Performance: The House

duration: 70 minutes

Film Fest Gent in Vooruit

Saturday 25 October 8pm - Balzaal Vooruit

An all-round cinematic musical performance

"We open up our home. We take it with us, because we always want a new view and a new perspective. We are modern nomads."

Theater maker Lizzy Timmers and actress Marleen Scholten took their travelling house on a trip, looking for musicians, performers and visual artists to become its temporary residents. 'The House' is the cinematic story of their travels in the form of an eclectic musical performance. Like two singing curators, the two women drag you into the night with African polyphony, solid electro beats, philosophizing teenagers, steaming instruments and the dance of new living arrangements.

Theatre collective Wunderbaum and music theatre ensemble De Veenfabriek joined forces for this performance. Various artists contributed, among them Benjamin Verdonck for the lyrics and Simon Lenski (DAAU) for the music.

Concept and singing: Marleen Scholten en Lizzy Timmers / Work by Bo Koek, Benjamin Verdonck, Simon Lenski,Sofie Knijff, René Bakker, Rik Elstgeest, pupils the Vakmanstad, Aetzel Griffioen, Maarten van Otterdijk, John van Oostrum, Warre Simons, Ton van der Meer, Tijmen Hauer, William Bakker / Design house ZUS-Elma van Boxel & Kristian Koreman / Camera and montage Willem Weemhoff / Desing Maarten van Otterdijk / Costume design Lotte Goos / Coach Wine Dierickx / Technique Tjalling Bal, Rick Gobée, Siemen van der Werf / Head of production Ina Oenema / Production coordination Carry Hendriks / Coproduction Rotterdamse Schouwburg


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