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Film Fest Gent - Performance: Tell Me Love is Real
Archived: Performance: Tell Me Love is Real (2014)

director: Zachary Oberzan

duration: 90 minutes

Film Fest Gent in Vooruit

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 October (8pm - Domzaal)

The quest for life and love

After his years spent with the crazy Nature Theater of Oklahoma in New York, Zachary Oberzan went solo. A multitalented man, he not only knows how to act but he also is at home in the world of music and film. With his 'take' on the movie Rambo he became the ultimate public favorite at the Almost Cinema festival. There is no coloring inside the lines in his book and his work is a delicate balancing act on the thin line between fiction and reality.

In 'Tell Me Love Is Real' Oberzan digs into his own past. During the winter of 2012 he narrowly survived an overdose of Xanax in a hotel room on the American West Coast. Whitney Houston was going through the same thing at the same time, but her story had a different ending. Oberzan takes us on his quest to healing, and love is never far away. With a great deal of humor and the spirits of Amelia Earhart, Serge Gainsbourg and Bruce Lee, he pushes himself to the extreme, while bridging the gap with the audience.

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director: Zachary Oberzan

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year: 2014

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