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Film Fest Gent - Performance: Dansen Drinken Betalen - (almost) The Movie
Archived: Performance: Dansen Drinken Betalen - (almost) The Movie

duration: 90 minutes

Film Fest Gent in Vooruit

Tuesday 14 October (8pm) - Minard
Wednesday 15 October (8pm) - Minard

Comic strip becomes multimedia music theatre

A teenage girl runs away from home. In a nearby unspecified city, she dives into the nightlife. No one seems to notice her. Is anyone even looking for her?

'Dansen Drinken Betalen - (almost) The Movie' is the most thorough project of Leuven Company Braakland/ZheBilding. Dramatist Adriaan Van Aken and illustrator Philip Paquet transformed the 2006 theatrical performance with the same name into a graphic novel with audio play. Under the direction of keyboardist Joris Caluwaerts (Zita Swoon, Het Zesde Metaal) three musicians and an amazing narrative voice bring the drawings to life. This multimedia music theater will make you experience a comic strip like never before.

"In the end, it becomes a mix of urban novel, road movie and city trip. Dansen Drinken Betalen is a colorful urban portrait, appealing to all the senses." - Geert Sels in De Standaard

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