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Over Water (episode 1 & 2)
Archived: Over Water (episode 1 & 2) (2018)

director: Norman Bates

composer: Daniel Hart, Tamino
With: Tom Dewispelaere, Tom Van Dyck, Natali Broods, a.o.

duration: 100 minutes

Serial Madness

"John Beckers used to be somebody. By the end of the nineties, he rose to fame as a glorious television host, but by now he is being mocked. He was a proud dad, but his two children and his wife lost faith in him. He had everything, wanted even more, and ended up with nothing.

After hitting rock bottom, John decided to look for help. Now he has been going to rehab, has been offered a new job in the Antwerp port by his father-in-law, and one last time his family has welcomed him at home with arms wide open. Lurking around the corner of his new job and environment is an unknown new beginning, something surprising that nobody could have expected. His new life will take place far from the spotlight, but precisely in the shadow of the ruling crime in the port. None of which John is aware on his first day at work, arriving clean and prepared." (Panenka)


director: Norman Bates
composer: Daniel Hart, Tamino
producer: Tom Lenaerts, Kato Maes
screenplay: Tom Lenaerts, Paul Baeten Gronda
Editor: Stijn Deconinck, Koen Timmerman, Gert van Berckelaer
Cinematography: Björn Charpentier

production company: VRT - TV één

More info

dialogue: Dutch
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Belgium
year: 2018


NORMAN BATES (Dirk Verheye & Inti Calfat): Over Water (2018, TV serie).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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