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Ours is a Country of Words
Archived: Ours is a Country of Words (2017)

director: Mathijs Poppe

With: Jamal Hendawi, Mohammad Abbas, Mohammad Zayat, a.o.

duration: 42 minutes

Official Selection - Global Cinema

'Ours is a Country of Words' takes place in Shatila, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, that was built in 1948. The story starts at an unknown moment in the future, when the dream of the Palestinian refugees to go back to Palestine becomes reality. A dream that is far removed from their daily life in the camps.


director: Mathijs Poppe
producer: Elisa Heene
Editor: Mathijs Poppe
Cinematography: Mathijs Poppe

production company: Hogeschool Gent School of Arts (KASK)

More info

dialogue: Arabic
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Belgium
year: 2017


MATHIJS POPPE: Ours is a Country of Words (2017, short).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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