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Film Fest Gent - Der Olympische Sommer
Archived: Der Olympische Sommer - Olympische sommer, der (1992)

director: Gordian Maugg

composer: Heidi Aydt, Frank Will
With: Susanne Binninger, Jost Gerstein, Marcus Hambsch, Joachim John, a.o.


In 1936 Nazi Germany, a young,innocent apprentice, full of Olympic fever, leaves his rural village to see the ceremonies in Berlin. Upon arriving in the capitol, he meets a widow and a relationship blossoms. They spend an idyllic summer at her lakeside home, but the forces of totalitarianism cannot be held at bay and soon invade their lives.


director: Gordian Maugg
composer: Heidi Aydt, Frank Will
producer: Susanne Binninger

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country: Germany
year: 1992


Gordian Maugg (1966): Der olympische Sommer (1993), Die kaukasische Nacht (1998), Hans Warns - Mein 20. Jahrhundert (1999), Zutaten für Träume (2003), Zeppelin! (2005), Fritz Lang (2016).

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