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Old joy
Archived: Old joy - Old joy (2005)

director: Kelly Reichardt

composer: Yo La Tengo
With: Daniel London, Will Oldham, Tanya Smith, Robin Rosenberg, a.o.


Two old pals reunite for a camping trip in Oregon's Cascade Mountains.


director: Kelly Reichardt
composer: Yo La Tengo
producer: Lars Knudsen, Neil Kopp, Anis Savjani, Jay Van Hoy

production company: Film Science

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country: USA
year: 2005


KELLY REICHARDT: River of Grass (1994), Ode (1999), Then a Year (2001, short), Old Joy (2006), Wendy and Lucy (2008), Travis (2009, video short), Meek's Cutoff (2010), Night Moves (2013), Certain Women (2016).

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