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Film Fest Gent - Olav
Archived: Olav

director: Jacinta Agten

With: Chris Lenaerts and Pieter Piron

duration: 16 minutes
Belgian Cinema Today , Drama, Avant-Garde / Experimental

Shorts - Competition for Belgian student Shorts
Film Fest Gent - Olav

As parents, we like to educate our children to our ideal. But what if that ideal is disturbed, sick? A story of a mother (70 years) and a son (38 years) living together, separated from the outside world. A relationship of power and manipulation, love and sexuality.

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director: Jacinta Agten
screenplay: Jacinta Agten
Editor: Jacinta Agten
Cinematography: Benjamin Van de Water

production company: LUCA School of Arts

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dialogue: Dutch
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Belgium

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Technical Specs

sound: Optical Mono
format: DCP

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