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Oh Lucy!
Archived: Oh Lucy! (2017)

director: Atsuko Hirayanagi

composer: Erik Friedlander
With: Shinobu Terajima, Josh Hartnett, Kôji Yakusho, a.o.

duration: 95 minutes
Comedy, Drama

Gala Premières and special events

The screenings of 'Oh Lucy' will not be subtitled in Dutch as previously announced, but only in English.

"Setsuko is a lovelorn middle-aged office drone, chain-smoking her way to an early grave and deflecting all of life's vagaries with an agonised smile. Then salvation comes in the form of a handsome English-language teacher. A droll tragicomedy about Japan's lonely crowd, and a culture-clash farce." (The Guardian)


director: Atsuko Hirayanagi
composer: Erik Friedlander
producer: Yukie Kito, Atsuko Hirayanagi, Jessica Elbaum, Han West
screenplay: Boris Frumin & Atsuko Hirayanagi based on her short
Editor: Kate Hickey
Cinematography: Paula Huidobro

production company: Matchgirl Pictures

More info

dialogue: English, Japanese
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: United States of America - Japan
year: 2017

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Atsuko Hirayanagi (1975): Link (2009, short), Wake (2010, short), Mo ikkai (2012, short), Oh Lucy! (2014, short), Oh Lucy! (2017).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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