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director: Peter Monsaert

Film Fest Gent - Offline

After seven years in prison, Rudy Vandekerckhove has set himself two clear objectives: get back to work as a washing machine repairman, and – more importantly – become reconciled with the family he had left behind. But despite the help and support of Deni


director: Peter Monsaert

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PETER MONSAERT: Tim, een Engeltje voor de Heer (1999), Coiffeur Armand (1999), Vriendinnen (2000), Musica (2000), Las Bragas (2000), Hugo (2000), De Fee (2000), De Onvijwillige Poëet (2001), Offline (2012)

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2016:Le Ciel Flamand
2001:De Onvrijwillige poëet
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