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Night Upon Kepler 452b
Archived: Night Upon Kepler 452b - Nacht Ueber Kepler 452b (2019)

director: Ben Voit

duration: 15 minutes

Cold times, people are looking for a place to sleep. A van races through the night, to bring out of the dark, what could get lost in there. The film tries to grasp the perception of people who are constantly on the run, who can't remember the last time they've slept in a real bed. The things we witness are turning into inner landscapes. Fragments of conversations become collective thoughts and somewhere in the distance, Kepler 452b is orbiting a sun that is warmer than ours.


director: Ben Voit
producer: Roj Younis, Roshak Ahmad
Editor: Sianne Gevatter
Cinematography: Konrad Waldmann

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dialogue: German
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Germany
year: 2019


BEN VOIT: Night Upon Kepler 452b

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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