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Night Has Come
Archived: Night Has Come (2019)

director: Peter van Goethem

composer: Guy Van Nueten
With: Johan Leysen (voice)

duration: 56 minutes
Documentary, Found Footage

Official Selection - Global Cinema

In our day and age, truth has become a matter of perspective. Peter Van Goethem was acutely aware of this fact while creating his found-footage film 'Night Has Come' in which he roams around cinematic memory. For years the director has been interested in the connection between the factual and fantasized history, which he brings to the foreground in his film by having it revolve around an amnesiac. By intertwining amateur videos and archived recordings of historical events in Brussels, with a tale of a man who wants to find himself in a society that forgets to remember, the line between fact and fiction is impossibly blurred.


director: Peter van Goethem
composer: Guy Van Nueten
producer: Peter Krüger
screenplay: Peter Verhelst
Editor: Peter Van Goethem

production company: Inti Films

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dialogue: English
subtitles: Dutch subt.
Country: Belgium
year: 2019


PETER VAN GOETHEM: Night Has Come (2019).

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format: DCP
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