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Mysteries Of Lisbon
Archived: Mysteries Of Lisbon - MistÉrios De Lisboa

director: Raul Ruiz

Film Fest Gent - Mysteries Of Lisbon

Raul Ruiz's masterful adaptation of the eponymous nineteenth-century Portuguese novel by Camilo Castelo Branco evokes the complex intertwined narratives of Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens. The core story centers on João, the bastard child of an ill-fated


director: Raul Ruiz

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RAÚL RUIZ (1941 - 2011): Treasure Island (1985), Richard III (1986), Tous les nuages sont des horloges (1988), Derrière le mur (1989), The Golden Boat (1990), Exote (1991), Las soledades (1992), Capítulo 66 (1993), Fado majeur et mineur (1994), À propos d

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