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My Man
Archived: My Man - Watashi no otoko (2016)

director: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri

composer: Jim O'Rourke
With: Tadanobu Asano, Fumi Nikaidou, Tatsuya Fuji, a.o.

duration: 129 minutes
Drama, Litarature

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Film Fest Gent - My Man

"Barely a year after 'The End of Summer', Japanese helmer Kazuyoshi Kumakiri has swiftly returned with yet another frisson-heavy story about panged-up female sexual desire by training his eye on a young woman's deadly obsession with the man who took her in as an orphan." (The Hollywood Reporter)


director: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
composer: Jim O'Rourke
producer: Yoshihiro Nagata
screenplay: Takashi Ujita based on the novel by Kazuki Sakuraba
Cinematography: Ryuto Kondo

production company: Dwango

More info

dialogue: Japanese
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Japan
year: 2016

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KAZUYOSHI KUMAKIRI (1974): Kichiku dai enkai (1997), Hole in the Sky (2001), Natsu no hanabi hen - Asagao (2003), Antenna (2004), The Ravaged House: Zoroku's Disease (2004), The Volatile Woman (2004), Green Mind, Metal Bats (2006), Freesia: Bullet Over Tears (2007), Non-Ko (2008), Sketches of Kaitan City (2010), Blazing Famiglia (2012), Bungô: Sasayaka na yokubô (2012), The Unstoppable Sunny Day (2013, short), The End of Summer (2013), My Man (2014).

Technical Specs

format: DCP
frame: 1:2,35


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