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Film Fest Gent - Monstre
Archived: Monstre (2014)

director: Delphine Girard

composer: Cumali Bulduk
With: Paul Camus, Naima Ostrowski, Alban Carpentiers, Maxime Bessonov and Emilie Lenoir

duration: 18 minutes
Belgian Cinema Today , Drama, Youth / Coming-Of-Age

Shorts - Competition for Belgian student Shorts

11-year-old Adele decides to send a message to her future self in case she would forget all the different elements that make up her life right now.


director: Delphine Girard
composer: Cumali Bulduk
screenplay: Delphine Girard
Editor: Fanny Deblauwe
Cinematography: Alex Moyroud
sound: Lucas Le Bart

production company: INSAS

More info

dialogue: French
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Belgium
year: 2014


DELPHINE GIRARD: Monstre (2014, short)

Technical Specs

format: MOV-file
frame: 1:1,85
FPS: 25
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