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Film Fest Gent - Mon amour mon ami
Archived: Mon amour mon ami (2017)

director: Adriano Valerio

With: Daniela Brandi, Fouad Miftah

duration: 15 minutes

Shorts - Program of Italian shorts
Film Fest Gent - Mon amour mon ami

Daniela and Fouad live in Gubbio, on the Umbria hills, but they both come from the sea. She is from Bari and he is from Casablanca. Their bodies bare the signs of a tough life and a severe dependence from alcohol. They met by chance and started to take care of each other, growing a profound and healing bond. Fouad moved to Daniela's place and they shared the same roof for two years. Now that Fouad needs a residency permit, in order to get access to the health assistance he needs, he proposes to Daniela. She seems fine with the idea but just a few days before the wedding, the ambiguity of Fouad's feelings starts worrying her. Is it possible to stage a wedding with someone who really loves you?


director: Adriano Valerio
screenplay: Adriano Valerio
Editor: Alice Roffinengo
Cinematography: Diego Romero Suarez-Ilanos
sound: Enrico Ascoli

production company: Dugong Films

More info

dialogue: Italian, Arabic
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Italy - France
year: 2017


ADRIANO VALERIO: Un ange passe (2003, short), Claire (2004, short), Da lontano (2007, short), Curling (2011, short), 37┬░4 S (2013, short), August (2015, short), Banat (Il Viaggio) (2015), Non uccidere (2017, TV series), Mon amour mon ami (2017, short).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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