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Mein Bruder heißt Robert und ist ein Idiot
Archived: Mein Bruder heißt Robert und ist ein Idiot - My Brother's Name Is Robert and He Is an Idiot (2018)

director: Philip Gröning

With: Josef Mattes, Julia Zange, Urs Jucker, a.o.

duration: 174 minutes
Drama, Thriller

Official Selection - Global Cinema

"Summertime. In the midst of undulating cornfields next to a country petrol station, Robert is helping Elena prepare for her final school philosophy exam. These twins live in a world of their own. Sometimes they are tender to each other, other times quite violent." (Cineuropa)

"German auteur Philip Gröning ('Into Great Silence') explores abstract concepts such as time in this story about twin siblings who hang out at a gas station over the course of a summer weekend." (The Hollywood Reporter)

"As in his last three features, Gröning acts as his own director of photography, and 'Robert' is rich in sensual, seasonally saturated widescreen compositions streaked in tones of maize, flame and blood, while the documentarian in Gröning yields some astonishing nature-based imagery." (Variety)


director: Philip Gröning
producer: Philipp Kreuzer, Philip Gröning
screenplay: Philip Gröning, Sabine Timoteo
Editor: Hannes Bruun, Philip Gröning
Cinematography: Philip Gröning

production company: Philip-Gröning-Filmproduktion

More info

dialogue: German
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Germany - France - Switzerland
year: 2018


PHILIP GRÖNING (1059): Stachoviak! (1988, short), Sommer (1988), Die Terroristen! (1992), Neues Deutschland (1993, TV movie), Philosophie (1998), Love, Money, Love (2000), Into Great Silence (2005), The Policeman's Wife (2013), Mein Bruder heißt Robert und ist ein Idiot (2018).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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