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Film Fest Gent - Masterclass Sound Supervision (Val Kuklowsky)
Archived: Masterclass Sound Supervision (Val Kuklowsky)

duration: 180 minutes

Sound supervisor Val Kuklowsky knows what he's talking about. His work includes over 100 titles such as Independence Day and tv-success Game of Thrones, which makes him the perfect instructor for this masterclass about sound supervision and the flow between sound design, mixing and editing during the production process.

Film Fest Gent's film programme focuses on Hungarian cinema this year. Kuklowsky will explain the different workflows between the well-structured sound teams in Hollywood and the less hierarchally organised teams working for European productions. In doing so, the Oscar-winning Hungarian film Son Of Saul will be highlighted as example of groundbreaking European production in the field of sound design.

This event is sold out. Check out the Film Music & Sound Seminar and the WSA Industry Day for more talks about sound mixing!


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