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Love Rat
Archived: Love Rat (2018)

director: Jip Heijenga

With: Kato De Vylder, Quinten Leon, a.o.

duration: 11 minutes
Short, Romance

Shorts – Competition for Belgian Shorts
Film Fest Gent - Love Rat

The 22-year-old Ella does not want to commit to her relationship with Casper. She goes in search of what monogamy in the times of tinder still means. In the past it seemed simple: you met someone, fell in love, married around the age of twenty and soon after that you had children. With the rise of dating apps, smartphones and social media, Ella has an abundant choice of possible 'perfect' partners. You might think, the more choice the better, right?


director: Jip Heijenga
producer: Jip Heijenga, Arno Weijdema
screenplay: Jip Heijenga, Fenna Van Der Groot
Editor: Jip Heijenga, Arno Weijdema
Cinematography: Arno Weijdema

production company: Narafi

More info

country: Belgium
year: 2018


JIP HEIJENGA: Love Rat (2018, short).

Technical Specs

format: DCP


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