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Long Day's Journey Into Night
Archived: Long Day's Journey Into Night - Di qiu zui hou de ye wan (2018)

director: Bi Gan

composer: Lim Giong, Hsu Chih-Yuan
With: Sylvia Chang, Yongzhong Chen, Jue Huang, a.o.

duration: 136 minutes
Drama, Mystery

Official Selection - Global Cinema
Film Fest Gent - Long Day's Journey Into Night

"Let's cut to the chase: In 'Long Day's Journey Into Night' (Di Qiu Zui Hou De Yan Wan), the second feature from virtuoso Chinese director Bi Gan, there is a shot that will be talked about, at least in cinephile circles, for quite some time. Without spoiling too much - which, truth be told, is hard to do in this intricately narrated and technically mesmerizing work - just note that the shot begins sometime after the one-hour mark and takes up the entire rest of the movie, following its forlorn hero as he wanders the dreamlike ruins of a provincial town in search of his former lover." (The Hollywood Reporter)

"Bi's lyrical neo-noir begins with the poetic tale of a man returning to his hometown and searching for a long-lost love, then finds him putting his 3D glasses on at a movie theater - a cue for the audience to follow suit, as the movie launches into a staggering 55-minute long take shot entirely in 3D." (IndieWire)

ATTENTION: the runtime of this film is 136 minutes, instead of the previously stated 110 minutes.


director: Bi Gan
composer: Lim Giong, Hsu Chih-Yuan
producer: Charles Gillibert
screenplay: Bi Gan
Editor: Qin Yanan
Cinematography: David Chizallet, Dong Jingsong, Yao Hung-i

production company: CG Cinema

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dialogue: Mandarin
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: China
year: 2018


BI GAN: The Poet and Singer (2012, short), Kaili Blues (2015), Long Day's Journey Into Night (2018).

Technical Specs

format: DCP-3D
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