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Film Fest Gent - Lolamoviola : L'amant de maman
Archived: Lolamoviola : L'amant de maman - Lolamoviola : amant de maman, l' (1997)

director: Patrice Toye

composer: Stef Kamil Carlens
With: Yves Flavien Mbena, Pascale Poma, Jaap Spijkers

Emma, an African woman, falls in love with Andrew, a white male. She loves him so much that she decides to abandon her husband and their two children... Seven years later, one of her sons recognizes his mother on the streets of Rotterdam. She recognizes him too and she thinks back to the last week before she left her husband and children.


director: Patrice Toye
composer: Stef Kamil Carlens
producer: Jeroen Beker
Cinematography: Richard Van Oosterhout

production company: Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep (VPRO)

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Country: Netherlands
year: 1997

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