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The Lodger: A Story Of The London Fog
Archived: The Lodger: A Story Of The London Fog - Silent Film With Live Music

director: Alfred Hitchcock

Film Fest Gent - The Lodger: A Story Of The London Fog

‘The Lodger’ is a silent movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1927.

The film tells the story of a serial killer known as "the avenger" who is murdering blonde women in London. A new lodger, Jonathan Drew, arrives at Mr. and Mrs. Bounting's in Bl


director: Alfred Hitchcock

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ALFRED HITCHCOCK (1899-1980): The Pleasure Garden (1925), Fear o' God (1926), The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927), The Ring (1927/I), When Boys Leave Home (1927), The Farmer's Wife (1928), Easy Virtue (1928), Champagne (1928), Sound Test for Blac

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