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Archived: Liberté (2019)

director: Albert Serra

With: Helmut Berger, Francesc Daranas, Catalin Jugravu, a.o.

duration: 132 minutes
Historical, Avant-Garde / Experimental

Focus on Spanish Cinema

Director Albert Serra has always been interested in reaching back to history's most decadent and imaginative chapters. After two films dedicated to the life of Louis XIV, he's now turned his attention towards Marquis De Sade. But this is not a biopic on the author-philosopher himself. Instead, two like-minded libertines, banished by the King are brought to the stage. They travel to Germany, where they believe they can practice their freethinking away and seek support from the legendary Duc de Walchen.


director: Albert Serra
producer: Albert Serra, Joaquim Sapinho, Montse Triola
screenplay: Albert Serra
Editor: Ariadna Ribas, Albert Serra, Artur Tort
Cinematography: Artur Tort

production company: Rosa Filmes

More info

dialogue: French, German, Italian
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: France - Portugal - Spain
year: 2019


ALBERT SERRA (1975): Crespià, the film not the village (2003), Quixotic/Honor de Cavelleria (2006), Rússia (2007, short), L'alto arrigo (2008, short), Birdsong (2008), Bauçà (2009, short), Lectura d'un poema (2010, short), Els noms de Crist (2010), The Lord Worked Wonders in Me (2011), 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero (2011), Cuba Libre (2013, short), Story of My Death (2013), La mort de Louis XIV (2016), Roi Soleil (2018), Liberté (2019).

Technical Specs

format: DCP
frame: 1:1,85

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