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Archived: Leones - Lions (2012)

director: Jazmin Lopez

With: Macarena del Corro, Tomas Mackinlay, Pablo Sigal, Diego Vegezzi, Julia Volpato, a.o.

duration: 82 minutes
Explore Zone , On the Edge , Drama, Youth / Coming-Of-Age

Félix, Sofía, Arturo, Niki and Isabel wander around a forest. They seem to be on holiday, but something is off; they find themselves lost in Leones, a labyrinth with no walls, ruled by laws that they will have to figure out. As they march on, they sing and seduce each other, they lie on the ground and play with words.


director: Jazmin Lopez
producer: Jean des Forêts
screenplay: Jazmín López
Editor: Benjamín Doménech, Andrea Kleinman & Jazmín López
Cinematography: Matías Mesa
sound: Julia Huberman

production company: Lemming Film

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subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Argentina - France - Netherlands
year: 2012


JAZMIN LOPEZ (1984): Parece La Pierna de Una Muñeca (2007, short), Juego Vivo (2008, short), Te Amo y Morite (2009, short), Leones (2012)

Technical Specs

format: HD Cam
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