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Film Fest Gent - LENA WILLIKENS & SARAH SZCZESNY - Phantom Kino Ballett
Archived: LENA WILLIKENS & SARAH SZCZESNY - Phantom Kino Ballett

duration: 180 minutes


An hallucinatory audiovisual collage.

'Phantom Kino Ballett' is a 54-minute experimental video in which quotes from film scenes, snippets from interviews and spectres meet visual art, painted costumes, stroboscopic light and smoke machines. The result is an expanded-cinema performance and an hallucinatory audiovisual collage.

Top producer Lena Willikens and artist Sarah Szczesny join forces for 'Phantom Kino Ballett', together creating an ever-mutating spirit world. 'Phantom Kino Ballett' is one giant sound bite featuring "black theatre, Holly Woodlawn´s nervous breakdowns, strobe and dance music, arpeggiated anime, Mario Montez´ mobilee, kinetic costume and Maria Callas´ chiffre."

Lena Willikens
Lena Willikens is one of Germany's current top DJs and producers. For five years now she has been a resident of the famous club Salon Des Amateurs in Dusseldorf as well as one of the driving forces behind Cómeme Records. It was on this label that she released her first EP in 2015: 'Phantom Delia', a juicy serving of drone, EBM, ghosthouse and no-wave grooves. Catchy and edgy, Willikens' live performances never fail to impress.

Recently the German artist has focused on creating live performances to accompany film showings. For her debut she created a spellbinding soundtrack for the Japanese film 'Japanese Girls from the Harbour'. Armed with only a theremin, loop pedal and some turntables, she managed to create the ultimate spooky, melancholy atmosphere. 'Phantom Kino Ballett' is her most recent feat of musical mastery.

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