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Lake Bodom
Archived: Lake Bodom (2016)

director: Taneli Mustonen

composer: Panu Aaltio
With: Nelly Hirst-Gee, Mimosa Willamo, a.o.

duration: 85 minutes

Official Selection - Global Cinema

"Mustonen's direction lends 'Lake Bodom', riffing on an unsolved Finnish murder case, considerable confidence and panache. This is a very good-looking film - Daniel Lindholm's widescreen lensing excels at eerie forest nightscapes and sweeping aerial shots - paced with cruelly playful precision." (Variety)


director: Taneli Mustonen
composer: Panu Aaltio
producer: Aleksi Hyvärinen
screenplay: Aleksi Hyvärinen, Taneli Mustonen
Editor: Aleksi Raij
Cinematography: Daniel Lindholm

production company: Don Films

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dialogue: Finnish
subtitles: Eng subt.
country: Finland - Estonia
year: 2016

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TANELI MUSTONEN (1978): Dear Father Dear Mother (2000, short), Sons of Mine (2003, short), Placebo (2006, short), Karjalan kunnailla (2009-2012, TV series), Ella and Friends (2012), Fasisti (2014, short), Reunion (2015), Lake Bodom (2016), Luokkakokous 2 (2016).

Technical Specs

format: DCP
frame: 1:2,35
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