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La Chair de ma Chair
Archived: La Chair de ma Chair (2013)

director: Denis Dercourt

composer: Jérôme Lemonnier
With: Anna Juliana Jaenner (Anna), Mathieu Charriére (The Student), Francois Smesny (Pierre), Louis Sébastien (The Psychiatrist), Grâce (The Child), Violaine Schmitt (Madame), a.o.

duration: 76 minutes
Drama, Crime

Anna loves her daughter more than anything in the world and is ready to sacrifice everything to feed her. But the murders of several people who tried to get close to her daughter make investigators doubt Anna's stability of mind.


director: Denis Dercourt
composer: Jérôme Lemonnier
producer: Denis Dercourt
screenplay: Denis Dercourt
Editor: Denis Dercourt
Cinematography: Denis Dercourt
sound: Denis Dercourt

production company: The French Connection

More info

subtitles: Dutch/Eng subt.
Country: France
year: 2013


DENIS DERCOURT (1964): le Déménagement (1997), Les Cachetonneurs (1998), Lise and Andre (2000), My Children are Different (2003), The Page Turner (2006), Demain dès l'Aube (2009), la Chair de ma Chair (2013), Zum Geburtstag (2013)

Technical Specs

sound: Stereo 5.1
format: DCP
FPS: 24

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