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The King Is Dead!
Archived: The King Is Dead!

director: Rolf de Heer

Film Fest Gent - The King Is Dead!

Max and Therese are happy together, and happy with the world. They move into a new neighbourhood, a nice family on one side and, well, "interesting" on the other side. But interesting becomes loud, and loud becomes intolerable and when the intolerable bec


director: Rolf de Heer

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ROLF DE HEER: Tale of a Tiger (1984), Encounter at Raven's Gate (1988), Dingo (1991), Bad Boy Bubby (1993), The Quiet Room (1996), Epsilon (1997), Dance Me to My Song (1998), The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2001), The Tracker (2002), Alexandra's Projec

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